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The Amazing Lollipop Lady

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I want to tell you a story about the ‘Amazing Lollipop Lady.’

I was driving to work, using a road I’d taken most days for seven years.  It was the morning rush hour and as usual, I queued up in traffic outside the junior school, waiting for the Lollipop Lady to escort the children and adults across the road. As I watched her from a distance, this familiar woman dressed in a bright yellow coat, hat and holding a ‘stop’ sign, I noticed how she smiled, laughed and chatted easily to the children and adults.  She nodded thanks to the driver in the car at the head of the queue before making it back to the pavement where more people joined her.  The traffic moved on and then sure enough, she prepared to break the flow again.  By now, I was a couple of cars back. She held up the lollipop with courage and fortitude.  She meant business.  She stepped out onto the tarmac with presence and pride.  There was no messing with this woman.  Although I’d seen her do this many, many times, something happened inside me.  Immediately I wanted to thank her – to tell her how special the simple act of helping the children and adults make their journey safely to school was; how I was struck by her kind manner and joy on the faces of those she spoke to as they passed her while she stood in the road.

I pulled my car up ahead and walked back to greet her, baffled by my reaction and not really knowing what I’d say.  I waited until she was free and the majority of children had entered the school gates so as not to distract her.  I approached her saying that I’d driven past many times on my way to and fro from work and I just wanted to tell her I was in awe of her constantly kind attitude towards those in her care – that I witnessed their faces light up when she smiled and chatted to them and to say that I thought she made a positive difference in their lives. She looked a little surprised and laughed, saying “Thank-you.”

I asked her what she liked best about her job and she said, “Cheering up the children when they don’t really want to go into school. I tell them that sometimes I feel like that too.  I also chat with the parents about the housework that they’ll go home to and laugh that I should’ve put my washing on the line.”  She said she didn’t like the wind and rain together but otherwise, she’d been doing this job for 16 years and enjoyed it.  She was also a cook in the school canteen and often spoke with the children at lunchtime too.

I thanked her again for being an inspiration and the special gift she had before going on my way thinking that not only did she feed the children’s spirits with loving kindness at the start of the day, she physically nourished them in school and at the end of the day she escorted them across the road toward home. It dawned on me that she may be the only consistently friendly person for some of those she met.

This Lollipop Lady shone with love, humility and humanity.  Let her be an example to all of us as we seek safety, comfort and guidance as we take to the roadway of life.  May we show loving kindness, giving a smile and sharing laughter because such simple acts make such a big difference to others’ lives.

Written by rainbowmessenger

May 27, 2011 at 11:53 am

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